EvoluteTools LITE - Designing panel layouts made easy

EvoluteTools LITE is a free Rhino plugin allowing intuitive design of panelizations using multi-resolution mesh modeling and mesh optimization. Meshes can be optimized for closeness to a reference surface, fairness (smoothness) of its polylines and several other goals.
No strings attached: unlimited mesh size at no cost!

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EvoluteTools PRO - Advanced panel optimization

Built on a highly versatile and extremely powerful optimization engine, fully packed with features, proven on many of today's architectural landmarks and able to tackle intricate panelization challenges in a fast paced design process, EvoluteTools PRO is the right tool for facing the highest-complexity design projects.

Refer to the table below for comparing the basic features of EvoluteTools LITE with the enhanced functionalities of EvoluteTools PRO.

The learning center features a complete primer on EvoluteTools PRO to help you take full advantage of its capacities.


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LITE vs PRO: a feature comparison




EUR 495* node-locked
EUR 990* floating
educational from EUR 200*
*without VAT
Surface closeness
Sphere packings
Curve closeness
Coplanarity of vertices
Conical and circular meshes
Edge length
Edge length distribution
Principal curvature lines
Conjugate curve networks
Asymptotic lines (hotwire cutting)
Vertices as anchor or corner points
Multiple edge lengths
Constraining vertex movement to custom directions
Local fairing controls
Reference curves
Creases and kinks
Mesh from curves
Mesh geodesics
Pattern mapping
Chebyshev nets
Edge length clustering


KREOD by Pavilion Architecture
hexagonal panel layout created with EvoluteTools LITE

Pattern design workflow using EvoluteTools PRO

From LITE to PRO

Are you curious about the advantages of EvoluteTools PRO? See below in practice how it will enhance your experience and free your creativity.

EvoluteTools PRO - commercial node-locked Secure Online Payments and Credit Card Processing by BlueSnap EUR 495*
EvoluteTools PRO - commercial floating Secure Online Payments and Credit Card Processing by BlueSnap EUR 990*
EvoluteTools PRO - educational lab kit, 30 seats, Contact us EUR 1000*
EvoluteTools PRO - educational single-user (NEW: lifetime validation) Contact us EUR 200*

*price not including any tax that might apply, e.g. VAT or sales tax

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