Proven rationalization tools for complex geometry

as plugins for Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 for Windows.
Plugins for Rhino 5 and 6 are available on request.

EvoluteTools is addressing your needs with tailored functionality:


What's in for




Naval Architecture


Subdivision modeling
Basic mesh optimization
Panelization seam design


€590* / €1180**
Subdivision modeling
Advanced mesh optimization
Panelization seam design
Manual retopology of hull surfaces

€390* / €780**
User-guided remeshing
Texture mapping
Quad or triangle retopology
Panelization seam design and texture mapping at the click of a button
Automated retopology of hull surfaces

€360* / €720**
Developable lofting made easy
Design and rationalization using developable surfaces
Ship hulls from developable surfaces
Expert modules
The panel fitting toolkit for rationalization of freeform designs
Freeform facades
Simplify curved panels
Ship hulls
Simplify curved panels
Panel clustering
Reduce the number of different flat panel shapes
Prices not including any tax that might apply, e.g. VAT or sales tax.
*node-locked license
**floating license

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