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Below you will find some paneling studies from our users. If you have images of panel layouts, created with our Rhino Plugins, that you would like to submit to the gallery, just send us an .

DesignersFinger Co. - POSCO building, Incheon, Korea | Images courtesy of DesignersFinger Co.

Freeform outer cladding, geometry produced with EvoluteTools PRO. More images and project information here.

Evolute GmbH - Bulbous bow discretization with developable strips

Study model of ship hull bulbous bow to be built with developable strips.

Shaper3d Studio - panelization studies | Images courtesy of Shaper3d Studio CN

Shaper3d Studio China organizes a series of Architectural Rhino Workshops, EvoluteTools PRO is one of the tools taught in the courses.

Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH - Baku Funicular, Azerbaijan | Images courtesy of Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH

The funicular railway is located on the coast of Baku/Azerbaijan and connects the Boulevard with the elevated ground on which the new Flame Towers are being constructed. The funicular railway valley station is not far from the National Flag Square with the flag pole of the state and the Crystal Hall, event location of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

GIG Project GmbH, Attnang Puchheim, contracted Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH with the structural engineering of the steel-glass enveloping surface and the fa├žades. Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH will be providing not only geometrical calculations, developing the static structure and calculating the steel-glass construction, but also the complete planning of the steel construction for the project.

Leonardo Baglioni | conical mesh studies

Ryan Lovett | TSplines > EvoluteTools workflow study

Alexandros Vazakas with Marcin Gladzik, Olivier Brouillard and Camilo Diaz | rationalization of a freeform surface with developable strips, fabrication by Kevin Hoy and the CuttingEdge-UK Team, photographs by Eris Guri

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