Team members

Konstantinos Gavriil Konstantinos Gavriil

Konstantinos joined Evolute in 2016 as an ITN Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow. He is also a PhD student at the Vienna University of Technology under the supervision of Helmut Pottmann, after completing his MSc in Computational Science and BSc in Mathematics from the University of Athens. He is working on incorporating various constraint types, such as constraints imposed by material properties, into the geometric modeling design process.

Alexander Schiftner Alexander Schiftner

Alex joined Evolute in 2008, after receiving his MSc in Applied Math from Vienna University of Technology. He is Evolute's technical director and the primary contact for consulting services. Alex contributed many original ideas to our research and continues to develop unique software based on research results and consulting experience.

Helmut Pottmann Helmut Pottmann Scientific Advisor

Helmut Pottmann has been Professor of Geometry at Vienna University of Technology since 1992. With his unrivaled expertise in applied geometry, he has been Evolute's primary scientific advisor since the very beginning.

Heinz Pottmann Heinz Pottmann CEO

Heinz Pottmann holds a master´s degree in electrical engineering and has 30+ years of experience in software development.

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