Our extensive research, development, and practical experience enable us to offer the highest quality panel fitting technology using cylinders, cones, single-curved surfaces, ruled surfaces, and numerous further types.



We provide a tailored service for any type of panelized surface you need to rationalize: depending on the initial design, the material and the physical constraints of the project, we will produce an optimal set of panels fitting all your requirements, such as:

  • panel types,
  • maximum deviation between adjacent panels,
  • normal continuity,
  • mold sizes...
During the process, our progress is constantly available for you to review and intervene as needed. Our work can be broken down in the following steps:

Preliminary study

Using our cutting-edge technology, our team will make a fast but accurate first pass and send you the resulting model along with a detailed report. Our report will discuss those early results and make a strong estimation about the possible improvements.
According to the constraints of your project, we might suggest slight changes to the design if we think they will vastly improve the results.

In a nutshell, you will get a precise idea of what you can expect from us at a very attractive rate and typically within one business day.
In some cases, this step will already result in satisfying results for your project!

Further study and optimization of the results

If the preliminary results look promising, allow us to go further. We will use global fitting algorithms unique in the field. Within a few more days, we can bring down your manufacturing costs to an absolute minimum.


Final report and production data

Once the panels have all been fitted according to you requirements, they will be sent to you along with a final report containing detailed panel data.

Interested? Send us a request.


Do you need production drawings? This is another one of our many services.

Software training

Our consulting services rely on our expertise as well as the extensive software we have developed over the years. Our experience will serve the needs of your current projects, but your long-term vision might involve a more efficient workflow. This is why we have developed the EvoluteTools software suite, for which we provide tailored training programs suited to your needs. Take a look at our software solutions and don't hesitate to contact us for training services that will help you master the full potential of EvoluteTools.

Showcase projects

Details on the projects making use of this fitting technology can be found following the links below.

Oxford Library Undisclosed Arena Corinthians CCTV Eiffel Pavilions Chaoyang Park

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