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Freeform facades require a high number of uniquely shaped panels in order to cover their entire geometry with a tightly fitting cladding. This typically translates into high manufacturing costs and long lead times for fabrication. With EvoluteTools CLUSTER you can keep these costs down by maximizing the number of flat repeatable panels and deliver amazingly shaped projects within lower budgets and shorter deadlines.

Typical input and output

Any number of planar polygons can be used as an input (triangles, quads, n-gons). A strict tolerance zone for clustering is specified by means of minimum and maximum offset distances (inward or outward). Outputs are groups of input polygons that have a common best fit polygon, shown in a 2D matrix and 3D space.

Prepare your input using EvoluteTools PRO

Using our signature mesh optimization tool, EvoluteTools PRO, you can set up your meshes to become ideal inputs for panel clustering. Use the edge length optimization target to create equally sized mesh faces which lend themselves to clustering.

Try EvoluteTools CLUSTER

Contact us now with your requirements, and together we will work out the best solution for your needs. Short-term evaluation licenses are available.

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Showcase projects

Here are some projects where Evolute made use of EvoluteTools CLUSTER:

KAPSARC Stade Beaublanc Oslo Airport

Tutorial video


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